Each year, the number of RTOs of the selected numbers is 60 crores, the number of rickshaw-trucks in the selection

Each year, the number of RTOs of the selected numbers is 60 crores, the number of rickshaw-trucks in the selection

Ahmedabad, Date 13 nov, 2018.

The craze of the vehicles is increasing as the number of vehicles is picking up. Every year two and a half lakh people are requested by the RTO office to get the vehicles’ choice numbers. It is surprising to know that, in the last five years, Gujaratis have spent three billion to pick up the vehicles’ choice numbers.

At the forefront of the number of selected numbers, the number of car-bike pickings is taken

The number of vehicles in Gujarat is increasing day by day. RTO requests vehicles in the RTO office and pay fixed fee to get unique selection numbers like 1111,2222,0033,0786 for identification of the vehicle number. Due to the increasing number of choice numbers, RTI’s excess income has reached millions. According to a report, the Ahmedabadians have been at the forefront of getting vehicles’ choice numbers. Every year, 50 thousand Ahmedabadians make requests in the RTO office to get selected numbers. Total number of selected numbers in Ahmedabad RTOs in last five years

The numbers of choice for most bikes-cars are taken. In Ahmedabad RTO, 30 thousand bikes, 15 types of choice numbers of vehicles are available every year. Only car-bikes are available, many trucks, taxis, tractors, buses have the usual number of buses. However, now the fees for gold-silver numbers have been fixed, due to which the revenue has decreased because earlier a large amount was raised for the selected numbers in the auction.

It is noteworth that, in the year 2013-14, total 2.10 lakh applications were received for the selection of vehicles in the state, it has now increased to 2.65 lakh in 2017-18. Apart from Ahmedabad, the number of seekers of Rajkot, Surat is very big. In the entire state only Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat are the most preferred number of fees. There is no RTO office in Gujarat where the number of selected numbers is not obtained. From this, it can be estimated that the craze for the number of vehicle numbers is increasing. The Rajkot RTO office is five years old.


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