Fraud Of 260 Crores With Views Advertisment Idea

Fraud Of 260 Crores With Views Advertisment Idea

Vinay Shah and his wife Bhargavi Shah, who are in Paldi, have been lured by the government to double their money in the name of advertising. Vinay Shah, after collecting 260 crores, fled to the country by jamming the police.

On Monday, the wife of Suicide Note Social Media wrote on Monday, the police went viral and her wife also went to Bhuvarbha in search of her house.

Vinay Shah and his wife Thaltej have two offices in the President Plaza Building, World Cleveland Solutions and Archer Care DG Ad LLP.

They give customers their company’s


Advertising views on the website were told. They used to give 18 to 20 percent return on their investment in return for viewing the advertisement every month by taking money from customers through different packages.

In which ten months to 14 months 4,500, Rs. 9,500 and Rs. There were 25,000 different packages. In this way they took money from approximately 1 lakh investors Traped in Fraud Of 260 Crores With Views Advertisment Idea.

However, investors did not get the fixed amount of money, they contacted Vinay Shah. Investors had reached a large number in Thaltej’s office saying that he would give money on the fifth day of the benefit. However, Eisis returned as a lock. On the other hand, a suicidal note written by Vinay Shah was circulating in social media.

In which case the police and journalists were accused of paying millions of rupees to settle the case.

On Monday, Rahul Jani (21), a youth named Vinay, filed a complaint of Rs 1 lakh against Soni and his wife in Vastrapur. Rahul complained that a woman working in Vinay Soni’s company had shown him a suicides note written by Vinay.

There are allegations that police and journalists have been paid money for settlement. However, Vinay Shah did not have to pay money to the investors and the people did not demand money for him, Rahul said that the complaint was made viral in the Vastrapur police station.

On November 13, 2018, a person named Amitbhai Bhavsar, Vinay Sah, is against his wife Bhargavi and Pragatiben Vyas. 4,500 complaints of cheating

According to Viadhar police station senior PIIMM Jadeja, the police conducted a home inspection at Vinay Shah’s house at 2.40 pm on Monday night. But it did not seem to have been found. When his wife Bhargavi Shah came to know from around 8 am to 9 pm, he was found to have gone somewhere from home.

When Vinay Shah was found to be home before Diwali, Apart from this, the police has got details of both the passports. Both the mobile phone call details are being processed. The police has also issued a look-out notice at the airport. According to the police, the customer who used to make 12 lakh business was taken to Dubai from the company.

Formerly Vinay Shah organized a seminar at GMDC-Hole Hall. In which 2000 people were present. At that time, Vinay Shah will be launching the company’s share and its cost is about Rs. 10 people told them to be. The price of one share in November He will also be 120, he said.

So far, Vinay Shah and his wife have lodged complaints against three in Vastrapur police station, one in Jamnagar and Bapunagar and Naroda Against Fraud Of 260 Crores With Views Advertisment Idea.

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