Truth behind The Statue Of Unity The Bigest Statue In World

Truth behind The Statue Of Unity The Bigest Statue In World Britain’s taxpayers to make a ‘Statue of Unity’ 1100 crore donation

British media has revealed that Britain’s taxpayers donated 1.17 billion pounds (about Rs 1100 crore) to build a 182-meter tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The total cost of this world-wide statue was Rs 3 thousand crore. There is no clarity as to which taxpayers from Britain donated for the construction of the Statue of Unity. Of course, most of these donors are non-resident Indians (NRIs) that are transparent to water.

In the year 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi donated 300 million pounds (about Rs 283 crore) by British taxpayers when the project was filled up. After this, 268 million pounds (approximately Rs 253 crore) in 2013, 278 million pounds (approximately 278 million) in 2014, 185 million pounds (approximately Rs 174 crore) in 2015 and more than 200 crores in 2016, 2017 Was there.

The British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ has also claimed that donations from British taxpayers have not been used to produce a direct statue. However, India has received these money in the excuse of investments in various projects. India was required to spend this large amount on the health of the citizens instead of the Statue Its True Or False We Really Get Britain’s taxpayers to make a ‘Statue of Unity’ 1100 crore donation.

In 2012, it was claimed by Britain’s then Assistant Minister Andrew Mitchell that the main program to help India end in 2015. But last year, the British government was given a grant of 92.6 million pounds.

How much did British taxpayers donate?
Year donation (in rupees)
2012     283 crores
2013     253 crores
2014     278 crores
2015     174 crores
2016-17 more than 200 crores

Want to spend money on health facilities than the statue: The British leader
British Conservative Party leader Tori MP Peter Bonne screamed in favor of donating such a big amount to British taxpayers and added, “We should get 1.1 billion pounds (Rs 1100 crore) of assistance and a total of 330 million pounds (Rs. 3 thousand crores) is just ridiculous to blow up the statue.

These kinds of things just make people mad. There is a lesson from this that we should not give any financial assistance to India. Indians can spend their money like spending their money. But if Indians spend crores behind a statue, then one thing is certain that India is a country that we should not provide any financial support. ‘


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